03. 12. 2018. Erika Harris on Contemporary Nationalism

On 3 December 2018, Prof Erika Harris, PhD, BA, held a lecture on overcoming nationalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb organised by the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb itself and the Institute for Development and International Relations, IRMO. Under the title „Contemporary Nationalism: is there a normative rupture between the East and the West?“, the lecture discussed modern East European and West European nationalism. Nationalism as such differs itself both in the East and the West, not only in practice but in terms of theory as well. The main character of its victims, however, is visible almost in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Even though it has its ups and downs, nationalism seems undefeatable, as if constantly lurking from somewhere, waiting to seize the opportunity. Regardless of its psychological form, it is still questionable how many people really are nationalist, as many nationalist voters do not really know what they are voting for. In order to be able to promote the European Union and democracy, the European values must be revitalized.