06.02.2019. Current Challenges Facing the EU

On 6 February the Croatian television show Treci Element, on the HRT channel, hosted Dr Senada Šelo Šabić and Prof Zoran Kurelić to talk on the various topics and aspects of political science. The show was designed as an informative episode on political science and it explored the subject by examining the current challenges facing the EU and politics globally. Starting with a short discourse on the history and development of the study of political science, the discussion moved on to the types of government and a more in-depth discussion on democracies. The hosts led the discourse and sought clarification of the different forms of democracy and their correlation to the ideological and political spectrums. The democratic peace theory, which postulates that democratic nation-states will not go to war with one another, was discussed in the contemporary context of international relations. Dr Šelo Šabić defended an optimistic perspective on the matter claiming that while progress is not linear, it persists to continue. Liberalism is centred around the belief that humans will act rationally and in cooperation with others, where shared values play an important role in bringing together people and communities. The episode also featured a piece on disobedient democracy, exploring liberal democracy and populism. The guests then discussed contemporary forms populism and the conversation evolved to explore the complexities of contemporary political dynamics and challenges. This was followed by a short segment that introduced and explained the Jean Monnet project EULEAD, followed by a short introduction of the purpose of the project by Dr Šelo Šabić. Finally, this led to a discourse on social responsibility, education, and media which was further explored in the contemporary context with mention of corporate and political responsibility, the need to educate the youth, and the ‘fake news’ phenomenon.


If you are interested in watching the full episode, it is available below in the original language – Croatian.